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Customised products
These components are produced using the right technology and supplied in accordance with your specifications and in the desired alloy. Forging, die casting and machining (turning and milling) of bars or profile sections – it’s all possible. We find the most efficient production process in order to create the optimal product. The forging, die casting and machining (turning and milling) of bars. We have extensive experience with surface treatments and coating, such as nickel plating, grinding, polishing and chromium plating. We also offer various assembly options.Our knowledge of fittings and valves also enables us to provide standard solutions, where necessary.

About us

Tojato represents quality, craftsmanship, creativity and reliability.


Tojato’s specialists understand the purpose of a component and the requirements that it has to meet.


An increasing number of national and international clients are placing their trust in the knowledge and performance of Tojato.

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